Louis Zamperini. He is truly the definition of Human Spirit. His older brother Pete as a little boy once told him “if you can take it, you can make it”. And he took that with him far beyond his expectations. Through out life and WW2 he survived every challenge he faced, every track he ran, every p.o.w camp he was taken to, every torture he was given, every nightmare that awaited him in his sleep…he survived. Giving up was not an option nor death.
“If I can take it, I can make it.” -LZ
This book, this story about Zamperini is something else. You will never forget it. So crazy and unbelievable of how much a human body, mind and soul can endure. He lives today to tell his story. He found out that god was with him through it all, for it he gave himself the strength to forgive in order to heal. At 97 he lives every second. He still remains unbroken. “Even at my age, I’m trying to improve. Never give up no matter what. Even if u get last place- finish” L.Z

asshcassshh!! my dearest little cousin who is full of talent, you make me smile. her love for music and humble positive spirits…is gonna change the world. i believe that. skys the limit asshh! she doesnt know this but im sharing her vid on my tumblr :) watch her vids, shes a talent! truly unique. one of a kind. uncle neil i hope ur watching down on ash and nile and smiling cheek to cheek! they have become great human beings, such great kind hearts like you :)