Things I’m doing…

"Kanye west and Super Xyrus to the rescue" that came from Xyrus always asking me to tell him stories. So my first story I ever told him was about a pilot named Kanye West and he had to save n rescue the people on the plane because there were monsters on the plane. Hahaa. From there my stories went from Kanye west having a friend named Super Xyrus and together they became "Kany West and Super Xyrus to the rescue!" So I made Xyrus into a character. And his a lil polar bear! Haha of course he’s a cute polar bear. And Kanye west is Kanye west the bear..I jus redid him. And let me just say tho xyrus knows nothing about Kanye west the rapper. Hahaha.

Portrait of my nanay. My nanay is the heart of the other half of our family. She lives back home in the Philippines. Miss and mahal her so much!! So thankful for her.

My dude! I die of laughter every time. Oh my sisters child, my nephew.. Xyrus. this boy.